moon-atmosphere-image “So,
you’re leaving…”
“Yes!. I hate this place, and these helpers of yours make me sick!”
“You know, I’ve given you everything. Even put you in charge of a third of my kingdom.”
“Oh, yeah…speaking of a third…that reminds me…there are a few of your helpers that want to leave with me. Got any problem with that?”
“No, not at all.”
“Alright then, we are out of here!”
Thus began the battle. From the control room of the universe a renegade army embarked across the expanse of the ages to a small backwater planet. The ‘Blue Ball’ it was called. Communication with Control was never severed. In fact, the leader of the renegades took a sick, perverse pleasure in constantly informing Control of his plans…at least, most of them.
“Hey, these people that you made…”
“Did you make them this stupid on purpose?”
“Let’s just say that when you introduced yourself to them, they did lose some of their intelligence…why?”
“Oh, there you go, blaming me! All I did was show them another side of you that…”
“You lied to them.”
“It wasn’t a lie it was…”
“It was a lie, you purposely misled them.”
“Whatever! Anyways, they belong to me now.”
“Are you sure of that?”
Yeah…yeah, I am. They are mine and you will never have them back. Do you hear me! I will destroy this stupid little experiment of yours and then what? You will have nothing, and I will have it all!”
“You know what’s funny? This ‘stupid little experiment’ as you call it…they will still seek me. In fact, without ever seeing me, as you have, some will fall in love with me and choose to serve me. What do you think of that?”
“I think you’re delusional, that’s what I think. So, how you gonna pull this one off? PAY ’em to love you?”
“No, I’m going to buy them back from you.”
“Ha! You can’t afford me!”
And so, through the ongoing ages Control’s Experiment continued to (seemingly) spiral out of control. Murder and vice were introduced to the planet by the renegades, and hope seemed lost because of the fear of death that now loomed over every soul of the experiment.
“You’re sending your Son to buy them back…how quaint! I will chew him up like the rest of these useless forms of flesh!”
“You’re always so sure of yourself, aren’t you?”
“Yeah, I am! In fact, when the time is right…I’m gonna kill that Son of yours.”
“Then what?”
“Then it is all mine, you hear me? ALL MINE!!!”
“Sounds fair enough to me. You’re on.”
And so the Blue Ball went around it’s tiny star thirty-three times. The Control’s Son lived and taught and loved the Experiment. Some followed him. Some, however, plotted to kill him. And then, they succeeded. The Son was dead and the renegade demanded his glory.
“I told you it wouldn’t work! That was the dumbest thing you could have ever done…so…I win?”
“Not just yet…you need to remember that while my Son was fully flesh, he was also completely like me.”
“Now, what in the world is THAT supposed to mean?”
“If I was you, I would wait around the tomb for three days…just to make sure he stays dead.”
“Stays dead? Hey, now that’s not fair….”
“I’ll be seeing you around…”
So, for three days the renegade ruler watched carefully over the newly constructed tomb. Now, a funny thing happened on the morning of the third day; the stone that sealed the tomb in darkness just simply rolled away as one of Control’s helpers flew by. So, the renegade walked closer to the doorway, and as he was peering into the darkness, someone tapped him on the shoulder and spoke in his ear…
“Let’s see you do that. Oh, and by the way, you lose. Forever. And our ‘little experiment’? They have the option to live forever.”
“You cheated.”
“No, you did, long ago. I’m just making it right again. And, you know what?”
“Oh, please, tell me…won’t you?”
“I’m not going to stop making it right until you and all your lying little flunkies burn in hell forever. Got it?”
“Yeah, I got it.”
“Good. Now, get out of my sight.”

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