Nitpicking for Accuracy?

apollo_11_launchAs I write this, I am watching The Bible, episode 2 on my TV(compliments of my DVR). While I kinda’ almost, maybe enjoy watching the story thus far, I am also very disappointed in all the (Biblical) errors that are in this production. My Christian friends, this is my question to you; is it important to notice and report small, minute discrepancies in truth? Do we simply ignore error? That’s a dangerous position to be in…
Let’s put it this way…On July 16th, 1969, when Apollo 11’s massive Saturn V rocket engines were ignited and it began to lift off from the launchpad on its way to the moon, the guidance computers (which, by the way, had less computing power than your modern smart phone) had to be within an inch (or less) of accuracy or the space craft could have missed its target. Imagine that! Missing a target that is two thirds the diameter of the Continental United States because of something as tiny, as insignificant, as an inch.
Now, here we are in post-modern America…a land that is rapidly turning away from the God Who gave us our freedom and power, with a people who are using their freedom to walk in their own path and make up new rules that take us farther each day away from the very ideals that gave us our freedom. I have to ask the question; Is it any wonder?
In a day when truth is bartered for profit, why do we (the Church…the redeemed of the Lord) refuse to stand for what is right? Are we afraid? Or are we just too weak; comforted and blinded by the riches of this great land? Or, is it something else…like most American Christians DON’T KNOW what the Bible (God’s word…not the show)really says?
Personally, I think it is a combination of the aforementioned causes. But, one thing that is painfully obvious to me is the fact that many Americans who claim the name of Jesus, don’t have the slightest idea of what is wrong with The Bible (the T.V. production, not the original Book). It is a cool story, I’ll admit that…but it’s NOT the BIBLE that belongs to the Living God.
What frightens me is that good, God-fearing folk are eating this (Hollywood) trash up! They are missing the fact that what God says happened…happened the way God said that it happened! Israel walked through the Red Sea on dry ground…not in a thunderstorm. Angels are not Power Rangers, and when was Samson turned into the enemy’s hands because of his parents pleas? Here is another example of where we are as the Church in America; not long ago I was speaking to a Christian lady about Moses and she speaks of the chariot race he was in…where is THAT in the Bible? OOPS! I think that was in Prince of Egypt…A CARTOON!!! And,sadly, that sums up the Church in America. A cartoon show.
Is The Bible (the T.V. version) an evil thing? NO!
Look at this…in my opinion, The Passion of the Christ was, and still is, one of the best, most accurate versions of the story of Jesus Christ. And, hear me on this…it had a LOT of Hollywood stuff crammed into the story line. But it never changed the Truth of Scripture. Certainly not like The Bible (yeah, you get it by now…I’m talking ’bout the show…not God’s word) does.
When the Truth is the most important thing you need to know…GO TO THE ORIGINAL SOURCE!!!!!!!!!
Jesus Christ, the same yesterday, today, and forevermore.
Our nation needs to hear that again, from God…not from Hollywood.
And America’s churches need to wake up before it’s too late…
Know the Truth, and it will set you free.
You can’t be almost right and you can’t teach almost truth as truth.

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One Response to Nitpicking for Accuracy?

  1. Norma says:

    It is the truth….we are being fed lies and the Word is being watered down. New Bibles are coming out that pervert the true word of God, making it palatable for those that want to continue in sin with God’s blessing. I suppose we shouldn’t be surprised, it is the “end days”
    but it scares me that Bible teaching, Bible believing Pastors are quoting from “The Message” and thus approving it.


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