What’cha Lookin’ For?

moon of a moon To write a novel, to create a story, a place and time, people and characters…it’s a lot of fun! One of the most exhilarating experiences of my life was the day that my first proofs of HILL OF GREAT DARKNESS arrived…one hardback and one softcover…and I held in my hands a book that I had created. How cool is that? Okay, I realize many of you out there in Technotronicville have had the same experience as this, and have also gleefully squealed like the little piggy and his pinwheel on the day you held your first novel. So, let’s share a couple of things today, shall we? Things like… oh, how about plot development? That’s simple for me. I just started writing. Really, it’s true. I had a basic idea and ran with it. Nothing really news worthy there (actually, I give God all the glory for the story line behind HOGD, I could have never done that…).
So, how about naming characters? Now there’s a story! I had SO MUCH FUN naming my characters! Names like Martin Sherfy…easy one there; last name of my maternal grandfather and the maiden name of his wife. Nothing exciting there. WRONG! A year after HOGD hit the streets, I was on the phone speaking with an elderly lady who was a former member of a small country church that I had been an interim pastor of and she asked me where I had come up with that name. I told her what I just told you and she exclaimed, rather excitedly, “That was my maiden name as well!” So, I discovered a long lost and very distant cousin all because of a name….yeah…that I made up. Hmmmm, even more exciting was the fact that I had loads of family historical info that she never knew. Now, THAT’S COOL!!! Almost like Someone orchestrated that one, huh?
Another easy one to name was Jessica VanDale. Her last name is key…drop the ‘e’ (love to use rhyme at the right time) and you have VANDAL. And the idea is to vandalize every single thing she could…and she is (or, should I say was) very good at that.
One more, and I saved the best for last. Simone Sytte (pronounced See-yet-tea). Everything about Simone is special to me. She is based on three people with whom I am familiar with, and her last name is a play on words…of sorts…okay, not so much a play on words as a play on an acronym. Any guesses? SETI. And that, my friends, is the acronym for the Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence. Yup, You guessed it…Lookin’ for ET! It was my way of asking the celestial question; “Have you seen any ET’s yet?”
It’s sad, but I sometimes laugh when I see the millions of dollars spent, looking up to the sky hoping to find intelligent life…out there. Listen friends, it doesn’t take millions of dollars to find Extraterrestrial Intelligence…it only takes ten bucks to buy a decent sized print of the Bible and find the Extraterrestrial Intelligence that created it all. God Himself! Totally separate from creation yet, wanting to communicate His love through a decaying universe…towards a dying world…specifically to a cursed human race.
While we have spent millions to create scientific tools to look for answers…
God sent His Son to hand deliver His message of Hope for Mankind. The Intelligence that created the cosmos has a name, and that name is; Jesus

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