Looking For Truth…How Many Religions Are There???

satellite-array Everybody wants to go to heaven, but nobody wants to die…ever hear that? Actually, we live in an age that you are liable to hear anything…and I do mean anything! Isn’t it funny that people only want to hear the things that makes them feel safe? Oh, that’s not new, and neither is Religion…but….how many different “RELIGIONS” are there? I just Googled that question and came up with no less than twenty-two major religions in the world. Toss in the various variations and fragmentations and you can go up to FORTY THOUSAND different views of an after-life and a world-view…WHEW!!!!
Well, that’s what the world says but, are there REALLY that many different “religions?” Let’s look briefly at just a couple, shall we?
Islam teaches that if the good in your life outweighs the bad, Allah will let you into heaven. Problem #1; Allah tends to change his mind a lot, therefore you might not go to meet him one one of his ‘good’ days which would be bad for you. Problem #2; In order for ‘good’ to outweigh ‘bad’, you have to take in every single thought you’ve ever had that is less than ‘good’ and do something about it. Hmmm…..I couldn’t fix what I think in a single day, let alone a lifetime of thoughts. Jesus said that if you hate someone it is the same as murder in the eyes of a holy God. Yes….even your thoughts count against you. That’s a scary thought……………..
Let’s look at the Eastern Religions that teach Re-incarnation. Sounds cool but…can I ask what a spider has to do to be a ‘good’ spider and come back as, oh…I don’t know…maybe a bird?
Okay, here’s where I’m going…these teachings have a common denominator; being good. In fact, ALL religions have that commonality about them….um….except for one…and that is (real) Christianity. The Bible says NO ONE IS GOOD…EXCEPT GOD HIMSELF. PERIOD. It says “ALL have sinned and come short of the glory of God.” The coolest thing is…Christianity is not so much a RELIGION as it is a RELATIONSHIP!!! Religion says “Do this, don’t do that” and makes all kinds of rules to follow. The Bible says;”Trust in the LORD Jesus Christ and you will be saved.” PERIOD.
You know, it is ingrained in humanity to have rules and to worship something. Seriously, it’s true!!! If you go into the wilds of the Amazon (uh, the river area…not the website…) and happen to stumble upon an indigenous group of people that no one has ever made contact with, you will discover two things about them…yup, you guessed it, sports fans…they will have a set of rules and they will worship something or someone. We are designed that way by our Creator!
So, let’s wrap this up, shall we. I will challenge you to explore different religions and see for yourself they all boil down to one point…GOOD PEOPLE GO TO HEAVEN…if they are good enough…and since God is the only one Who is good…we have to be as good as God…or to put it another way, to quote someone from long, long ago; “You can be like God.” Any guesses as to who said that? Satan.
So, how many religions? TWO. Christianity (which, personally I hate to refer to it as religion…religion kills innocent lives, tries to get rich, and flies airplanes into buildings) and ALL THE OTHERS. The Devil LOVES religion because it lures people away from the Truth…The Truth that Someone died in your place so that if you give Him your heart (If you would choose to fall in love with the One Who died for you, Who paid the price for all your sins that you could never pay for on your own) you can live forever with Him! His name is Jesus of Nazareth, the Son of the Living God. He doesn’t want us to be religious, He wants us to be HIS!!!!
It is as simple as A. B. C.
Admit you have no hope of heaven on your own because of sin.
Believe that Jesus died for YOU and walked out of the grave on the third day
Commit your life to Him…give Him yourself. Contrary to what most people think…God doesn’t want your money… HE WANTS YOU!!!
So, ask for the Gift God offers for free!!!

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2 Responses to Looking For Truth…How Many Religions Are There???

  1. angkin13 says:

    Hmmm…Started a reply and then the page just disappeared (you sci-fi guys and your special effects!), so will try again and apologize if you get a partial comment in addition to this one. Great post and great summary. Our son Caleb, was baptized yesterday (PRAISE!!!!!!) and he has a real burden for his foster mama back in China–she is a buddhist, and told him before he came to USA that we would probably be Christian and that she did not want to hear about it…. He has been praying diligently about talking to her and that she will not “yell at me”. To frame it, as you have, that Jesus is GOOD news because He does not require works, is the way that we have talked about approaching her. He (Caleb) loves the parable of the good soil and knows that all he can do is sow the seed and that is what he is planning to do the next time he talks with her. Please join me in praying that Caleb remains bold and that her heart is open to the Gospel. The city that Caleb is from is considered one of the top 30 unreached regions of China by the IMB, so there is not much Christian support there, but our God is able! 🙂 Thanks Henry!!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. Henry Martin says:

    All my prayers for Caleb’s continuing growth in Christ and for his mom in China!!!
    Go, GOD, GO!!!!!!!!!


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