Bike Ride 10.15.12 006 Often times we look back on our lives (with 20/20 hindsight) and see all of the turning points, the mile markers, that have routed our life to the point at which we now find it. Our first job, first car, first date, first kiss (I was about 8…thanks, Tammy!), first promotion, first this and first that. These are important events, for sure…but; they are only events. They don’t actually change or direct ANYTHING….no…our choices do that. So, now we need to look back and examine our various choices and the people that were involved with those choices. Sometimes for the good…and… sometimes for the bad.
My life, most probably like your life, has been full of ups and downs. Full of bad choices and bad advice (that also falls under the category of choices, after all, we choose to listen or not…right?) that we can (at least, try to) blame our bad times on. But, let us not forget the ones who have been put alongside us on our individual paths that were for our good.
I constantly thank God (By the way…the God I reference is the God of the Bible who allows me to call Him by His first name; Jesus) for the people who have prayed for me even when I was deep into the drug culture and all of that mess. I thank Him for the fact that, while my grandparents who raised me seldom went to church, they made me and my siblings go to Sunday School every Sunday. It was there that I first heard about Jesus and His love. I can still remember the teachers. I can still remember the voice of the pastor of that little country church talk about Jehova God and the truth of the Bible.
People along my pathway that, while I listened and learned, I turned away from them and their God. I went my own way…for a while. But, you want to know something? Some of those people never stopped thinking of me, praying for me, knowing that God had a plan for my life…even though, at the time, I could have cared less.
Some of those people are still here on planet Earth while others have gone onward. Upward.
It’s those who have left our world that I sometimes think about in the darkest part of the night. Their smile, their laughter, and their love for this God of the Bible that the world is screaming doesn’t exist. These are the ones I truly thank God for. They loved people in spite of the things that they were doing that went against God’s Word. They loved me. They taught by example to love the sinner and hate the sin…that’s something else the world hates to hear!
These are the kind of people that laid a foundation of faith in a little boy, way back in the 60’s (that’s 1960’s not 1860’s). The real love generation…the one that has been birthed, forged, at the foot of a blood-stained cross and empowered by an empty tomb.
These are the people who have passed their faith on to the next generation, my generation. Being faithful in the relay race of the ages and waiting for the King Who is returning one day.
Oh, yes…the people along my life’s pathway, showing me a pathway to eternity with the One Who made me…those here on Earth as well as up above, I owe you a debt of thanks. Thanks for being faithful to the call..the upward call of God in Christ Jesus. May I be faithful to the call as well.
PROVERBS 22:6 Amen!

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