Self-Publishing…The Final Frontier

Earth and Moon We dream. We write. We weigh our options and then choose a path. For some, it is the pathway of self-publishing. We’re reaching for the stars… preferably the five stars of book ratings. Our dream is in our hands as we hold our very first baby, I mean…novel, in our own hands. We have succeeded! Uh, well…almost. As we examine our first-born we see defects that shouldn’t be there. And then we look closer…where did that come from or, how did that get past the editor?
Now, as I have gotten older, I don’t seem to take myself as seriously as I once did. But what I am looking at in my book I take very seriously. And what I see is something I thought the editors (you know, the people I had to pay) were supposed to fix. You see, I’m a storyteller…not a grammatical genius. I love and trust spell check (so much faster than a dictionary!) and I trusted my editors. And yet…..
It’s embarrassing!!! I keep thinking to myself…and then I remember something. A little two word phrase. Yup, you guessed it; self-publishing. As I was going through the editing process, it was I that had to “Okay” all editing changes and corrections. I made the choices. The mistakes that are in the work were allowed to be there by (gulp) me! Oh, horror of horrors!!! This is where I stop and laugh…and then laugh some more. Now, don’t get me wrong, this is something that needs to be fixed…and will be…at my expense. It really is nothing major, nothing wrong with the story or the book itself. There just happens to be a couple of misplaced words, a couple grammar issues that I look at and (now) laugh at.
But there is more at play here. A lesson to be learned.
All too often we rush to get a job done. For me, the fact that I had not one, but two, hard drive crashes during the final phases of completing Hill of Great Darkness drove me to hurry the process. Twice my ideas were left open to who knows who. I was so worried that someone would find the story, steal it, and get it published ahead of me (Can you say ‘paranoia’?). And again, I now look back and laugh at myself. There was never a need to hurry but, can we talk…how often do our own imaginations, our own ghosts, dictate our actions and/or drive our fears?
I have learned a lot in this first adventure…leaving Earth far behind, taking that next ‘giant leap for mankind’ and reaching for the stars. I can’t say it’s been ALL fun and games…but it has been a learning experience. And, well yeah, it has been fun.
HILL OF GREAT DARKNESS (2.0) will be available sometime by summers end, but for now, version 1 is still selling and going strong. Besides, who knows….it might even become a collector’s item someday……(shameful sales pitch placed here…I know) hmmmm………….
May we always learn from our mistakes and not let them stop us from our dreams!!!

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