The Walking Dead—It’s true…They’re EVERYWHERE!!!

IMG_7962 They’re all around you. They’re at the grocery store, in the schools, on the planes we ride in…there is no escaping their eyes. They seem to look right through you as if you don’t exist and yet, we have the life in us that they need. The walking dead. Zombies. It’s a very real phenomena…bodies animated with life and yet, souls that are dead. Adam and Eve were the first. Oh, they started out as living souls, but they lost that attribute when they decided to go against the One Who created them. God said in Genesis 2:17 “…but of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil you shall not eat, for in the day that you eat of it you shall surely die.” And that’s what happened to them. They died from the inside out and passed that living death on to every generation since. And that’s where we are even now. A planet of the walking dead. Most don’t even know it, but that changes nothing; Mankind is alienated from its Creator. That Spiritual link has been terminated. Let’s look at it another way.
A nuclear bomb. A pretty scary piece of technology, right? And yet, take out the nuclear core, the radioactive stuff.. and it’s dead. Lots of wire and cool looking hardware and it still looks frightening up on top of a missile… but still useless, unable to live up to its design, unable to achieve its goal. Why? Because the key ingredient is missing.
And that is where humanity finds itself. We are unable to live up to our original design because a key element has died. We need the eternal fuel that died out of humanity in the Garden of Eden.It needs to be regenerated within us. So, what is that fuel? It is God Himself in the Person of the Holy Spirit. Scripture says in 1 John 5:12;”He who has the Son has life; he who does not have the Son of God does not have life”. How do we get from death to life? By asking for the gift of life. Really, it’s that simple. By asking the One Who returned from the dead, never to die again, for the gift of eternal life.
But, wait, you say. I want to become unzombified (did I just make up a word?) now…not at some distant date! That’s the point of the whole matter. Look; mankind was ORIGINALLY designed to live forever but we lost that edge. Jesus gives it back right now! Your eternity starts at the very moment you say “yes” to Jesus. When you ask Him to forgive your sin and to save you, your soul is re-ignited. Only then can you be truly alive. It takes the Critical Mass of creation, God Himself living inside you, to re-create you from the inside out.
Why is there so much ado about zombies?
Because, my friend, they’re real, and only Jesus can fix them. Tell somebody about the Son of God today. You might be the one to help point them the way to the Savior. The Giver of Life.

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2 Responses to The Walking Dead—It’s true…They’re EVERYWHERE!!!

  1. Chuck Cange says:

    I used to be one of those zombies you speak of. I found the life, the eternal life that only comes through receiving Jesus. He forgave all my sin and gave new life to my dead spirit! I am alive forevermore! My zombie days are in the past and what a blessing it is to be on this side of the cross! It took blood to give me life. The precious blood of Jesus. And I love those words that He spoke while He paid for our sins on that cross. He said, “It is finished.” He paid for our sins completely! Nothing to be added to His perfect sacrifice! Once for all, for you and for me…woohoo!!! The work is done. The package has been delivered. Open the package and enjoy…..eternal life, eternal peace, forever and ever and ever and…you know the rest.


    • 4endtimeuser says:

      Thanks, Chuck! You hit upon a very important part; zombies simply need to ask for a blood transfusion. As this Easter season approaches, may we all have the opportunity to be a light, a witness, to the de-zombifying power of the blood of the Son of God to give life to the walking dead. The Present lies at the feet of every zombie…all they have to do is pick It up, open It up…and live…now and forevermore…WooHoo!!!!!!


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