BIKE RIDE=SENIORS RETREAT 10.27.12 066 So, have you ever felt like God was telling you to do something that just didn’t seem like it was…was…umm, from God?
Check out this conversation that was played out in that secret place of the soul where one believer (me) communes with His God after finding out that his grown son, who was soon to be visiting for Thanksgiving from Seattle, had also invited a couple of his friends and their children to stay guessed it…my house.
Lord! I am pretty sure these two aren’t even married.
Well, I’m not going to let them stay at my house and sleep together if they’re not married.
No! That would be wrong! I ain’t gonna do that and disgrace You.
Disgrace Me, hmm. Okay.
End of the conversation, or at least, that’s what I thought. So the days went on and the time began to get closer to the said invasion…um, I mean visit…and I felt a stirring inside of me. The Spirit of the Living God was restless…
Okay, Lord, it’s just a couple of days away now…
I know, my child.
Well? I still want to glorify Your name Lord. I just, I just want to keep my home clean.I want to honor You!
I’m so glad to hear you say that…
Now I KNEW something was up….
Didn’t you tell Me that all You had belongs to Me?
Doesn’t that include your home?
Uh, yeah, but…
My child, I have a question for you.
Yes, Lord….I’m listening.
What if you and your wife were to be the only real Christians, the only real representatives of Mine, that this family will ever get to see up close and personal in their lifetime? What if I wanted to use that visit for My glory?……………………..
Big sigh….Okay Lord, if that’s what You want me to do..
………Oh, and Henry,
Yes, Lord?
Don’t preach to them.
Not one word…just love them as family. Love them with My love. As I love You, you love them.
Okay, I’ll do it…if that’s what You really want me to do….
It is, my child. Trust me.
And that’s exactly what I did. I trusted Him Who is able to do abundantly more than I could ever dream of or hope for.
And the invasion…oops, I mean the visit? Wow, what a blast! Turned out I was right about them not being married, but guess what? They took turns each night….one parent sleeping on a bed on the floor with two of the coolest little guys you would ever want to meet, while the other parent would sleep alone in the spare bedroom.
We had one of the most blessed Thanksgivings ever…all because of a little trust.
DARE TO BE USED BY THE ONE WHO LOVED YOU ENOUGH TO GIVE ALL HE HAD SO YOU COULD LIVE FOREVER WITH HIM…and trust Him to take care of the details (like something as superficial as sleeping arrangements). After all, it is HIS plan in the first place…He’s just allowing you and me to play a part.
Let the insane, unstoppable love of the One True Living God direct your every step…this day, and forever more!
Maybe sometime I’ll tell you of the time my son visited us along with a Muslim friend of his…… God is SO COOL!!

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  1. angkin13 says:

    Great post, Henry. 🙂 Maybe someday we will invade…I mean visit with 5 little Chinese guys to liven up your day, lol! 🙂


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