Hybridized Humans

star_trek_in orbit

You ever get the feeling that you don’t belong, whether it’s to a group, a school, a workplace or…even a planet? Think about Jesus of Nazareth. He walked upon the soil of Earth, spoke the native Terran language of the Middle-East, ate the food, drank the water (before AND after it was wine), and yet…He did not belong here; it wasn’t His native habitat. His habitat, His Kingdom was the Eternity of eternities. Simply put; Jesus was (and IS) the first True Human Hybrid. Fully Human, and yet, fully God (Philippians 2:6-7).
I love thinking upon these things! It’s so…so…Sci-fi….but yet…no it’s not; it’s TRUTH. And Truth, my friends, is ALWAYS stranger than (science) fiction!
God/Human…Human/God? Now, let’s get this straight; Jesus wasn’t on Earth as a half Man/half God Entity. He was (yes, you guessed it; AND IS) FULLY God and FULLY Man. That’s a pretty cool gig that the Second Member of the Trinity took upon Himself. The strange thing is; He didn’t do it for the fun of it….He had a purpose, a plan. That’s where you and I come in. You see, the Son of the One True Living God walked on Earth, wading through the trash, the excrement of human depravity and sin, so that He could create a new kind of humanity. A new Human Race. A race of HYBRIDS.
Those of us who have received the Gift that the God of the Bible offers are no longer just human. Now, I’m not saying that we are superhuman, but I am saying that we are distinctly different than all of the rest of mankind. We have a different Power-source, a totally different Fuel. Our souls have been ignited, lit, turned ‘on’, by God Himself. Once our souls have been ‘powered-up’, enabled, by the Blood of the Lamb, we are now capable of being a ‘host’…or as the Bible says; a Temple…in which God’s very Own Spirit may reside.
We have Something that Adam and Eve never had…God inside us! HOW COOL IS THAT?!!! If we allow the Person of the Holy Spirit (I have to admit; I still like the KJV of the Holy GHOST) to operate our will (the way a computer is operated by whatever system we choose it to be operated by) and our actions, we are truly acting out the very plan of God in our society in the times that we live in. To be totally controlled by the Spirit of God inside us (the Administrator of our mind’s hard drive) means we can do things unsaved people can’t do. No…I’m not talking about flying through the air…but how about soaring above our life’s circumstances? Nor am I talking about seeing through walls…but how about seeing our sins as God sees them? How about being able to love people that you would rather hate? Maybe it IS about super-human strength…Nope! It’s all about HIS strength in us…Because we’re hybrids.
After all, a true Christian who has asked God to forgive Him through the work of Jesus on the cross, asking for the Gift of eternal life in the Name of His Son Jesus Christ, Who walked out of the grave…doesn’t have
Now, let’s try to remember that next time we’re in the horrendously long line at the store and the person in front of us wants to buy something that doesn’t have a price tag on it….

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